Omar's Senior Set

Omar’s three years in TX can only be described as incredible. His humour and his ability to make everyone smile made him the glue that held us all together. His leadership at every concert helped us all to remain calm and focused, even when it seemed like the world might be ending! As our only beatboxer for many years, Omar always gave 100% effort and the example he set inspired us all to work harder. We will miss him dearly but there is no doubt that he is going amazing places!

— Jaeden

Nic Belluk
Ed's Senior Set

Ed’s 4 years in TX have been marked by his incredible talent and dedication to the group — as a singer, as VP Tech, and as Musical Director. His easygoing attitude helped keep rehearsals productive as well as fun and relaxed. Although he could never manage to smile in a single group picture, we know he was smiling on the inside! We will miss Ed and his mischievous jokes but we can’t WAIT to see what he does next.

— Olivia

Nic Belluk
Aubreylyn's Senior Set

Aubreylyn’s three years in TX have been treasured by us all. Through her incredibly thoughtful and kind break-a-leg-cards, hard work as VP Internal, and commitment to her fellow TXers, Aubreylyn’s love for the group has been felt by us all. Although we will miss her beautiful voice and grounding presence in rehearsal, her positive spirit has inspired us and will continue through future generations of TX. 

Thank you, Aubreylyn, for all that you do; we are so excited to see where life takes you!

—Emma Rose

Nic Belluk
Emma's Senior Set

Emma Rose's three years in TX have been three years not just of her beautiful voice lifting our group, but also of her contagious spirit making our rehearsals fun (and productive!). In Aubreylyn's words, Emma's "bold spirit, brilliant mind, and beautiful heart" have touched us all, and although we are sad for her to leave us, we are even more excited to see her go on to many wonderful places. 

In the meantime, however, she's going to knock your socks off with this Senior Set!

Nic Belluk