Current Setlist

  • Daft Punk: Doin it RIght

  • Busty and the Bass: The Real

  • Tame Impala: 'Cause I'm a Man

  • John Bellion: All Time Low

  • Vulfpeck: Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together

  • Joey Dosik: Game Winner

  • The Weeknd: Starboy

  • Vulfpeck: Animal Spirits

  • Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys Medley

  • Kelly Clarkson: Miss Independent

  • Mario/Ne-yo Mashup: So Sick/Let Me Love You

  • Stevie Wonder: Higher Ground

April 2019 Concert: Morning Star

December 2018 Concert: Moonlight

April 2018 Concert: Evolution





Fall 2017 Concert: Them Changes

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